ZoHa Island Business District and Sandbox V-blog

In my second attempt at a V-blog, I decided to take you on a tour of ZoHa Islands’ Business District. ZoHa Islands is the only estate in Second Life to offer a set of sims that are connected to form a large business district. You can purchase parcels of almost any size and prim count to accommodate businesses large and small.

Part of the package offered to businesses who rent parcels in our business district is free advertising in the advertising boards located at both the main office and the business district office.

Also, if you’re not sure how to operate the tier payment kiosks, I have demonstrated that in this video. I hope that those new to ZoHa Islands will find that helpful.

I also discuss the ZoHa Islands sandbox, which is a wonderful place to rez items out, create builds, etc.

I hope that you enjoy this video and hopefully I will continue to improve as I move forward.

I remain respectfully yours,
Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Social Media Manager