MadPea’s Lost Mine Hunt ~ Part 2

Lost Mine Part 2 Start cropped Where was I…. Oh yes! I’d just teleported from the dark and rainy urban grunge (landing point here) to a gorgeous, forest area, with tiny little Dwarfins running around (most of them were bots; as I discovered when I accidentally stepped on one, and apologized to it. Imagine my embarrassment when a Dwarfin avi nearby wanted to know if I was talking to him. When I told him I’d apologized to the other gentleman for stepping on him, he chuckled and told me it was a bot. I was quite embarrassed).

Lost Mine Part 2 drawfins cropped.jpgAs soon as you step out into the beautiful forested sim, I discover that my map has now changed, as you can see in these pictures, to include a thing that looks like a funny shaped cribbage board. I am next to a mine entrance, and I cannot open the door. Local chat tells me that I must collect these items and come back when I’ve found them all, in order to gain entrance to the mine.

As I step out onto the sim, my faithful assistant starts telling me that there are no dirt piles nearby. I am to look for dirt piles and sift through them for these crystal-like items. As I wander the sim, my assistant tells me when I’m nearby a dirt pile, and I collect these items exactly like the map pieces, while wandering around this beautifully detailed Dwarfin sim. And, just like the map pieces, other people nearby can collect the dirt piles right from underneath you! (Quite frankly, the dirt piles looked more like cow pies, but I digress!)

Lost Mine part 2 dwarfin sword croppedThis was a lot of fun, as the dirt piles were hidden but not so hidden that you grew frustrated trying to find them, although I do have to admit that there were a couple of places that my assistant told me “OOOOH! You’re soooo close! It should be right nearby you (less than 5m)” but there were no dirt piles in sight. None. Absolutely none. I looked over and over. One was by the bridge; another by the koi pond. There was a third place, in the dining room, that was quite challenging to find. But the one by the bridge and the one by the pond did not exist.

No matter, because I found others and continued to find dirt piles until I’d filled in the cribbage board-like thing on my map. I didn’t have to worry about picking up other dirt piles I’d found before. I had to log out a couple of times during this part, and when I came back, I could find the same dirt piles, collect them and add the item to my pegboard. It was really amazing to see the detail in this Dwarfin land.

When I’d filled in my pegboard, I found my way back to the mine entrance, and since I’d completed part 2, I clicked on the door and it invited me in….

Stay tuned; Part 3 of MadPea’s Lost Mine Hunt is coming up — and this was the most convoluted part of all!

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers
ZI Social Media Manager