It’s A Jungle Out There!

“In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lion sleeps tonight…”

And giraffes, and crocodiles, and hyenas, and wildebeests, and monkeys, and zebras, and elephants, and orangutans. In addition, there is just about every type of exotic plant there is, including some creepy eyeball plants that make a clicking sound when they blink, and focus on you when you stand next to them! This entire ecosystem has been recreated in amazing detail in Second Life at a sim aptly named The Jungle.

I visited this location and it is absolutely amazing. The detail of the animals, the flora and fauna, the sounds — everything has been carefully crafted to make you think you’ve plopped down in the middle of the Amazon. There are many fun things to do here — explore by teleport, or by foot. If you explore by foot be careful! There are cannibals and quicksand, as well as predatory animals. Clearly, it is a bit of a fantasy, as some of the things found here are not in real life…such as the eyeball plants! But it is great fun.

You can also jump in an inner tube and explore by waterway, or climb up the rope and try the zip line! This immersive envrionment is well worth a first, second, or even third look! Bookmark it and explore it again and again. There is so much to see!!

You know what was cool… when I first teleported in to the sim, Ebbe Linden was sitting on the bench! How cool is that?? I thought it was great to bump into him out and about like that. 🙂

Here are some pics from my visit. Click on them to enlarge. If you click on the first one, you can see Ebbe in the blue shirt sitting on the bench! Enjoy!

The Jungle_001

The Jungle_002

The Jungle_003

The Jungle_004

The Jungle_005

The Jungle_006

The Jungle_007

The Jungle_008

The Jungle_009

The Jungle_010

The Jungle_011

The Jungle_012

The Jungle_013

The Jungle_014

The Jungle_015

The Jungle_016

The Jungle_017

The Jungle_018

The Jungle_019

The Jungle_020

The Jungle_021

The Jungle_022

The Jungle_023

The Jungle_024

The Jungle_025

The Jungle_026

The Jungle_027

The Jungle_028

The Jungle_029

The Jungle_030

The Jungle_031

The Jungle_032

The Jungle_033