If You Could Only See My Face Right Now…..(Face tracking VR)

Veeso 2Virtual Reality is definitely the belle of the ball in the technology world with the production and consumer boom in 2016. It’s already amazing that it enables you to be completely immersed in a world and kick up the experience in games and social interactions. But even more so, VR is starting to branch into adding even more reality into a potential experience with facial tracking.

With me, this could be a potentially dangerous thing in multiplayer situations (seriously, I shake my head a LOT), but there’s a new headset in its Kickstarter phase that shows a lot of promise by using trackers that will follow your lips mouth and jaw, as well as your eyelids, eyebrows and pupils. The aim is to enable you to be able to transfer your expressions into your character in both game and social situations. Enjoying a song you’re listening to in-game or in-world? They want to even make it that you can bop your head along to it. There are also reportedly going to be a series of “emojis” that would enable you to pick an expression as well.

It sounds like such a simplistic thing but it’s pretty incredible and would take VR to another level. While this is planned for both iOS and Android, Oculus already has experiments in facial tracking in motion- so definitely expect this to be the next phase of VR headsets. With many companies also rushing to catch this wave before it becomes the norm, you can expect there to be some great developments with the headsets very soon. Ebbe Altberg, CEO of Linden Labs, even voiced last year that Project Sansar intends to incorporate facial tracking as well. This would mean that when we interact with other players, we would be able to do more than emote.

I guess I should be worried. I can’t control my facial expressions to save my life.

You can check out the Veeso Kickstarter here, or see it in action below!

Bria Oceanside

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