ZoHa Islands – Covenant Business District Sims

Please read CAREFULLY , violations of this covenant may result on actions taken to enforce its compliance.

This is a COMMERCIAL region. (residential use is allowed)

Buying land and paying the tier associated with it makes you the OWNER of the plot. Owners may resell and sub-rent land.

1. No flying structures below 300 m altitude.
2. Maximum building height: 60 m (20 m ground level+40 m for the building)
3. Don’t build on the walk way.
4. Floating signs and rotating texts are not allowed.
5. Every building must have minimum one door/entry at the street side.
6. Skyboxes above 300 m to build and such are allowed but not for commercial activities.
7. Commercial buildings/activity must be at ground level.
8. No offsim islands. There will be more connected sims in the near future.
9. Light terraforming is allowed when the look of the sim remains.

We reserve the right to approve any structure deemed unacceptable to sim standards. We are easy going and want your stay here to be enjoyable, use common sense and it shouldn’t be an issue. When in doubt about if something is allowed please contact one of our staff members.

To bring traffic to the shops/businesses we allow ONE club per region if that club keeps the lag and traffic under control. Shouting by hosts and greeters is not allowed.
Clubs need to be on a land parcel of minimum 6,144 m².
CONTACT ONE OF OUR SALES AGENTS TO BE SURE THAT THERE IS NOT A CLUB ON THE SIM YET! (We will give NO refunds if you haven’t contacted a sales agent and bought a wrong club parcel)

1. Be respectful to your neighbors and ZoHa Islands Staff members.
2. No littering of objects on other residents land.
3. No harassment or stalking of any kind.
4. The use of objects, HUD’s, scripts, … that shout messages over the region is forbidden.
5. Landowners need to report incidents of griefing or other region-related problems to our staff members.
6. No high lag script use.
7. Structures with rezzing boxes must be stored or frozen as indicated by the structure creator in order to delete the rez scripts in them. Structures found with such scripts may be returned immediately when the performance of the region needs to be restored.
ZoHa Islands won’t be held responsible for any loss of objects due to this.
Contact any staff member if you need further assistance regarding those scripts.
8. Breeding animals are allowed if movements and sounds are turned off and lag stays under control.
9. Pets (NON – Breeding ) are allowed if they don’t collide with objects and movement is turned off when no one is in the parcel.
10. Security orbs are recommended over parcel access restriction because they limit the access in your land more effectively than ban lines and with no height cap. Security Orbs must be set with a minimum warning time of 10 seconds . Be sure to set the scan range within your parcel and not invading neighbor lands.
11. No region wide scanners for group invites, greeters, … (Maximum scan range of 20 m)
12. We have the right to terminate your rental agreement at any time if you are using more resources than the size of your land allows.

1. On putting a plot up for sale, the weekly or monthly tier associated with ownership of the plot must be explicitly mentioned in the description field under ‘About Land’.
2. Any ‘Land For Sale’ signs must be of reasonable size so as not to harm the look of the island.
3. In case tier payment is overdue on a plot, that plot can not be put up for sale under any circumstances.
4. Within 24 hours after the sale of your plot, you are required to IM one of our staff members to let us know the buyer’s name so that we can proceed with tier collection from the buyer.

WARNING: Any plot found to be up for sale, while violating rule 3, will be reclaimed immediately without any prior notice or compensation whatsoever.

We have no control over system updates, down times, bugs or grid outages. As a result, you may or may not be compensated to make up for such inconveniences.

Payments of your tier are only made with the central tier terminals in our sales office.

With these tier terminals you can make payments in L$, PayPal or a Credit/Debit Card.
We can give access to the tier terminal to more than one person when needed.

NEVER should anyone ask you to pay the tier on his behalf. It may be possible that a member of the ZoHa Islands staff asks you to pay past due amounts, but those payments will always be made to the central tier terminal in our sales office.

It is the property owners responsibility to know his/her due date and pay on time without reminders. A tier meter is provided to monitor the tier time left. Contact a staff member if you need one.

If you ever have a problem to pay your tier on time then contact one of our staff members to work on a solution.


ZoHa Islands estate managers have the right to visit any parcel to check covenant violations or the region performance.

File a support ticket at : http://www.zoha-islands.com/index.php?P=53 for non urgent land issues. You can also request an invitation to the ‘ZoHa Islands’ resident group if you need live chat support with a manager.

All sales are final. The tenant may terminate the agreement at any time. A refund will not be given for any time remaining on the tenancy.

We reserve the right to consider an empty or near empty parcel abandoned if it has less than 3 days of tier left and there is no response from the land owner or otherwise stated to be used for prim usage or building purposes.

We have the right to reclaim land for non payment or non compliance of any of the terms of this covenant.

Land is provided as is to residents. We try our best to provide a pleasant experience that is in line with the expectations of our customers. However we can not guarantee a certain look, theme, frame rate, location of the region on the map or any other specific region settings.

Above all we want you to have a pleasurable experience on ZoHa Islands and we will work hard to ensure it is so.

Enjoy your stay!
ZoHa Islands

Complete our request form or visit our sales office if you need more information. Our staff is 24/7 available.