ZoHa Islands Business District – Helping your Business Thrive!

Hello Zoha Islands!

As some of you may know…. ZoHa Islands has a very established Business District – a perfect place for your businesses.  These sims offer a variety of special perks for your new or established business ventures.

We here at ZoHa Islands offer business solutions for a variety of commercial residents in SecondLife.  With the demand for upscale and business driven promotion high and effective in overall visibility – the solution is ZoHa Islands Business District (BD).

With purchase of one of these parcels you get:

  • A FREE ZI Business Showcase (Located on our blog posting and viewable by hundreds of new visitors daily)
  • Free Advertising via Zoha Islands Business Group
  • Sims are Monitored Daily for scripts/potential issues
  • 1 club per region so lag is controlled
  • Home of our Linden Exchange – also bringing in new customers for your businesses
  • Advertisement Boards in both tier offices.  Residential and Business alike

With a community feel and overall professional business feel, The sims are connected via roads, so the traffic generated from one business to another helps to feed your foot traffic just as an outdoor mall would in real life.

Zoha Islands Business Districts I & II – small to large parcels – accommodating your business needs is never a worry.

Want to find out how you and your business can grow with ZoHa Islands?
Visit our ZoHa Islands Business Office!

Looking forward to making your business a part of our community!

Warm Regards,

Kittykat Jules
Assistant Manager – Public Relations/Marketing