Top 15 Most Read & Shared Posts on AI, VR & Virtual Worlds for 2019

Another year comes to an end, and we thought we would share the top 15 stories about our virtual world just in case some of you missed them from our friends over at New World News.

My Top 15 Most Read & Shared Posts on AI, VR & Virtual Worlds for 2019

Roughly in chronological order:


From “Afrofuturist Artist Creates Stunning Portraits Of Black Artists With Deep Dream AI Algorithms

Watch: Machine Learning Music Composed From Re-Synthesized Fragments From 100s Of Terabytes Of LA Phil Recordings

From “Watch: Interview With Ebbe Altberg On The Future Of Second Life & Sansar”

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.42.15 PM

From “Things We Lost In The Flood: A New, Massively Multiplayer Loneliness Simulator Where Players Can Only Share Messages In Bottles With Each Other — And If Enough Players Win, Self-Destructs

Many more below!


From “Watch: Real World Location Virtually Recreated To Scale In Minutes

Why The Metaverse Needs Gameplay & Gameplay Mechanics

Linden Lab Hit By Wrongful Termination Lawsuit Alleging Discrimination & Retaliation For Raising Concerns About Its New Payment Service, Tilia

Linden Lab Officially Promoting Resource-Heavy Second Life Content That Drastically Hurts SL User Experience

Screen Shot 2019-12-27 at 1.41.19 PMFrom “How To Make Second Life Look Like This — Even On A 10 Year Old Computer

Blizzard Employees Strongly Support Company’s Punishment Of Hong Kong Advocate & Player Censorship Of Sensitive Chinese Topics – Blind Survey

Philip Rosedale Supports Andrew Yang For President, Suggests Ways To Implement Yang’s Freedom Dividend

VR Install Base As Of Q3 2019: Oculus Quest Just Below Half A Million, PSVR On Track To Pass 5 Million By The New Year

Despite $2.6 Billion In Funding, Magic Leap Sold Less AR Headsets Than Jeri Ellsworth’s Tilt 5 Kickstarter

John Carmack, VR Pioneer Who Once Described Developing VR As A “Moral Imperative”, No Longer Focused On Developing VR

Snowcrash Set To Become HBO Max Streaming Series, Will Ironically Compete With Actual Metaverses For Viewers

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