Sept 17th! Building Class @ ZoHa Islands Sandbox – hosted by DanelleDee and BlueVioletVixen Lorefield

DanelleDee Art By DanelleDee Presents:

Making A Scrying Bowl


Halloween is coming up, and spirits from the great beyond are attempting to communicate with us!  Here’s how you can learn how to make a beautiful scrying bowl with animated water, and when touched, gives random words of wisdom from the great beyond!


We will be meeting in Zamargad…

There will be a TPer with instructions here, as we will be taking a field trip to the exclusive ZoHa Islands Sandbox…

You will need to IM ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) to get a ZoHa Islands Sandbox group tag for entry

Once you are wearing your ZoHa Islands Sandbox tag, then you can walk into the TPer (remember to accept “Lochme” experiences), and you will be teleported to the classroom at ZoHa Islands

When you are done building, you may walk into the TPer to go back to Zamargad and explore our sim!

Monday, September 17th:

1st class is at 11AM SLT

2nd class is at 5PM SLT

DanelleDee is an artist with graphic design schooling.  She has formal training in both print and web design.  DanelleDee has been interested in the building menu and how things work in Second Life since she first joined in November 2014.  She is able to make complex builds with the Second Life building menu, and some simple things in Blender.

When she’s not teaching, she’s taking classes from other great teachers and working on her own builds.  She has been playing video games since the Atari and the Apple II.  She grew up with all the classics, and Second Life is the next interactive platform to master.

DanelleDee has been a Second Life building teacher since November 2015.  She teaches classes at every level.  You never know what you’ll learn in her classes.

Some of the classes she has taught in the past are framing pictures, clothing attachment points, flapping prim wings, tree hideaways, and blinking caution signs.

To Visit Zamargad’s website with upcoming classes and information click here!