Second Life’s Newest Advancement is LIVE!

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Project Bento is no longer in project status as Linden Labs announced it going live on the grid early this week. If you haven’t been up to speed on this landmark development, it’s basically a huge update on the Second Life avatar’s skeleton, breaking open doors to new ways to customize ourselves and expand the types of characters we can create.

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The announcement of Bento quickly led to creative minds exploring the possibilities of this update in test servers such as AO’s and animations:


… a slew of new mesh heads rigged to respond to the new bones and capabilities:


…..and even animated wings that are Bento-responsive:


This will likely lead to more viewers including this update, but Linden Labs has officially released the update on the default viewer as of this week! Expect to find a lot of new amazing developments that will test and explore everything the Bento update has to offer!

Check out the official Linden Labs blog post HERE.


Bria Oceanside

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