Second Life Explained…and WHY are we still here 14 years after??

To the average everyday person they may hear “Second Life” and think “OMG what a bunch of losers playing on cartoons!”  

I don’t know about you guys but there are few and far between people in the “real world” who know about my ventures online in Second Life.  There would so much immediate judgmental mentality from way too many people.

I recently submerged a relative of mine into the world of Second Life and and found myself explaining to someone who has never experienced it before, I sort of compared it to “The Sims on crack”.  The best way to explain it is that there’s really no other “game” like it.  Second Life is more of a unique combination of an MMO, mixed with a RPG, then coated in a heavy thick layer of weird sex stuff.  I mean that’s kinda what happens when you give the internet full range on content creation!  The possibilities are so endless.  I mean – hey come on! One of the first places I showed her was a male strip club “Le Bare” where I proceeded to tip a dancer until he was nude and emoting for her….ha!  I blame the margaritas!  She has since established and created an avatar with my help of course and is enjoying getting her feet submerged into this crazy world we know and love.

You can do everything from building a home, having a family, to having a weird futuristic alien sex dungeon.  The limits are only that of your imagination! It becomes a safe space to release inner kinks, a place to pick your own adventure and your own path.  Kind of like the “Choose your own Adventure” books that I personally loved so much as a child.  In fact over half of the most popular places in Second Life are adult related, Go Figure!

Perhaps you are wheelchair bound in real life, so you go to a club, listen to live performances and dance your heart out in Second Life.  As unfortunate an event as it is, perhaps you cannot have children in Real Life due to medical complications so you give birth to a few babies in Second Life and start a relationship and a family.  It’s a place to have fun and meet people from all over the globe whom you’d never have met any other way.  A place to be creative, to share your talents, live out lives where it may not be a possibility in RL and even just to release some tension after a hard day at work like as many others use it as.  Whatever your outlet maybe – thi sis the diversity that makes Second Life a successful community over the past 14 yrs!  Linden Lab the creators of Second Life are hosting a 14th Birthday Carnival in June 2017.

As previously stated – you can have babies, you can have jobs, you can even make money and turn it into Real Life cash.  There are many ways to make money in game, from creating items and selling them via in world stores, events and on marketplace to webcam shows and virtual escorting to virtual land sales and customer support.  Many people have turned Second Life into a Real World job/income.  There are tons successful business people within the world of Second Life.  Marketplace offers an additional platform to sell content on – a sort of virtual catalog for purchasing user created content – everything for your avatar, to land information to home and decorating items.  The market possibilities are so vast.

There are also role play communities galore! General, Moderate to Adult content rated. There have been numerous Universities with online in world classes, museums for teaching and learning, in world classes to learn another language, and venues for art exhibits.   Community sims, with firemen and police RP, Furry forests, all the way to Vampire/Werewolves and Gorean RP.  There are also many subgames within the world of Second Life….in example…breed-able pets or plants which you can raise and sell for money.  Gaming regions for states that do allow gambling casinos. (You need to be verified and follow the SL guidelines to enter Skilled Gaming Regions).  Fighting games with HUDs (heads up displays) are also prevalent.  Vampire/Werewolf or Angel/Demon RP systems such as Bloodlines, Hunger, Eternal Conflict are quite popular.

Whatever your reasons, it’s the diversity that makes Second Life a place for everyone.

Whichever SL purpose is yours….we are so glad you’ve stayed because that’s what makes our community great 🙂

Sincerely Yours –

Jᴜʟᴇs Mᴀᴢɪᴋᴇᴇɴ Gʀᴇʏsᴏɴ (kittykat.jules)

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