New Indie Game, GridIron created by some of SL’s top designers hits Steam Platform

GridIron is an upcoming indie game now accepting closed Beta testers, The game is created by the Iconic Second Life duo of Blueberry (Second Life’s premier quality women’s mesh fashion) Gizem Mishi Akin as lead artist & lead designer/creator (her husband), Krevann Tiros.  We wish them all the success with their new venture! It looks fabulous!

Steam keys for the game are being given out soon, so best soon apply to get one here.

Feel free to join the Gridiron discord channel here.


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GridIron is a physics based online only game inspired by American Football. It takes the basic structure in a unique direction focusing on action oriented visceral gameplay in a multiplayer arena. The most unique aspect being that each player on the field is actually controlled by an individual rather than one individual controlling the entire team.

In GridIron every character on the field is actually a real player, making the gameplay of GridIron a completely unique football and sports experience!

Individual skill is key! GridIron was designed with intuitive gameplay in mind that is both easy to pick up and tough to master. You’ll need to have great aim to be a great quarterback, and fantastic coordination and timing to be a great receiver!

GridIron takes place in the far future, in a universe where many species other than our own have taken up the great game of football. Choose from a variety of uniquely designed races with differing and indepth backstories!

So kind of like Rocket League, but for football and with, you know, space aliens and robots and such.