LL Repost – Get the New Materials Viewer Today!

Hello ZoHa Islands – Linden Lab has released some exciting news today 🙂

This is especially wonderful news to the builds of Second Life!

Get the New Materials Viewer Today!

by Community ManagerLinden Lab ‎06-19-2013 10:12 AM – edited ‎06-19-2013 11:02 AM

Linden Lab is excited to announce the release of the Materials Viewer! This Viewer will allow content creators to build objects using normal and specular maps and will allow users to view the effects of this new feature set. The end result is photorealistic textured objects inworld, such as the SL10B Bear Avatar, which will look even better with this Viewer.

We’ve prepared a video to demonstrate the effect of Materials inworld and show builders how to add normal and specular maps to their creations.

In order to view Materials, you will need to have a Viewer that supports this feature and have Advanced Lighting Model checked under your graphics options. Not all systems will support this option; please see the Materials FAQ for more information on whether or not it is supported on your system. Additional documentation, including case studies, can be found on the Good Building Practices wiki and the Content Creators Guide.


We’d like to extend our thanks to developers from Exodus, Firestorm, and Catznip for their contributions to this feature. We are very excited about the result!