Expand Your Cultural And Historic Knowledge At Learning Virtualē

Second Life is full of depth and experiences, but what about culture and education?

Today, I’d like to introduce you to a place called Learning Virtualē, which is a wonderful cultural and educational resource center. Here’s part of their mission statement:

“Learning Virtualē is a group and location for educators, students, and others interested in the advancement of e-learning in (higher) education, particularly the integration of Second Life (SL) into learning experiences. The center offers resources for those seeking some education in their second lives and hosts periodic events on various topics.

Explore all of the resources throughout the property. For example, in the library, touch each row of books for notecards with links to relevant content. There are resources related to education, this virtual world, and other topics.

Special exhibits are held throughout the year to educate, inform, and stimulate the mind. These exhibits cover various topics to appeal to a broad audience. They also demonstrate the value of a virtual world as an incredible medium for educating through interactive and immersive activities.”

There are several exhibits that are available for the public to partake in, including the following:

Women’s History Archives

Women’s History Archives includes content for National Women’s History Month, observed during the month of March in the U.S., and Women’s Equality Day (August 26)

Black History Archives

Black History Archives with much historical content that ties into U.S. history, 1600s-present. Black History Month is observed during February.

Hispanic Heritage Archives

Hispanic Heritage Archives – of the exhibit for the 2015 National Hispanic Heritage Month (an observance in the United States or U.S.) but content is relevant at any time. Thanks to Kundemor for sharing some of his paintings for this exhibit!

US Presidency Exhibit

Visit this evolving exhibit about the U.S. Presidency, Presidents, and the 2016 Presidential race. Come back again soon as some content will change over time.

There are also a lot of great areas to explore, from tai chi to meditation. You can even start your own fireworks show!

The depth of cultural and historical education to be had at this center is vast. Each location offers you an in depth notecard about the exhibit and offers plenty of information. It’s incredibly well-organized, packed with opportunity to learn and a great space for all ages. I strongly suggest you pay Learning Virtualē a visit!

Bria Oceanside
ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media