Here’s Why Your Password is Hackable

Over the past two decades, password rules have become more complicated and burdensome upon users. Users have coped with arbitrary, byzantine password rules by creating the most easily remembered passwords that comply with the rules, changing them when required in minor, predictable ways, and reusing compliant passwords on multiple online accounts. The results include lots … Continue reading

[ALERT] Change Your Passwords… NOW

Zoha Islands Wants To Send Our Thoughts And Prayers To All The Victims Of Hurricane IRMA. With The Devastation Still Ongoing We Hope All Are Safe And Well….   And now on with this weeks blog. A spammer’s database of 711 million email addresses and passwords, including email server admin credentials, Second Life information and … Continue reading



It’s a real pain when your computer locks up, freezes, crashes, or displays the dreaded “blue screen of death” with some cryptic error message. This sort of problem can be devilishly difficult to diagnose, because many things can cause a computer to crash. Here are seven common causes of computer crashes and some tips on … Continue reading