Black Dragon Second Life Viewer Adds Full Animesh Support With Custom Animation Control – Great Tool For Machinima, Group Shots


Trouble Seeing Your Screen? Here’s Help

Aging eyesight afflicts everyone eventually, diminishing the pleasure and productivity of computing and gaming. Various adaptive technologies are available to compensate for loss of visual acuity. Some are built into Windows. But these options all have limitations, and using them in certain combinations can actually make it more difficult to make sense of what’s before your eyes. Read on for a look at Windows’ display settings and how to use them to best advantage.

Getting Windows Display Settings Right

Before trying to improve the display it’s best to reset it to default values so you know how the manufacturer intended things to look. Defaults also provide a baseline against which tweaks can be compared.

Open the “Change Display Settings” desktop app by right-clicking anywhere on the desktop and selecting “Display settings” from the drop down menu, or by typing “display” in the search box and double-clicking on the app in the results. On Windows 10, you will see a page like the one below. (For Windows 7 display settings, see below.)

Set the following items to the values indicated to restore your display to its defaults:

  • Brightness: 50 or as close as you can get it with the finicky slide control
  • Night Light: Off
  • Size of text, apps, and other…: 100%
  • Resolution: “recommended,” the highest your display supports
  • Orientation: Landscape

If any advanced display settings are in effect you will see a red notice to that effect. If you do, follow the instructions to disable them. You will be logged out and will need to sign in again to see the default settings take effect.

On a Windows 7 system, there are fewer controls. Click Start, enter “display settings” and then click the item “Change display settings”. Set your screen resolution to the highest your display supports, then click Apply. Next, click the “Make text and other items larger or smaller” link. Choose the “Smaller – 100%” option. Finally, click “Adjust ClearType text” and follow the instructions to get the sharpest-looking text on your display.

Some monitors have a physical menu button on the front, side or underneath, that lets you fine tune the brightness, hue, scaling, and other aspects of the display. If yours does, check those settings and set them to default values as well.

Moving Beyond Default Display Settings

Most likely, things will look smaller, crisper, and move faster. Using default display settings has a positive effect on overall system performance because few resources are diverted to accommodating custom display settings.

But default display settings may be hard on your unique eyesight. So now let’s see what we can tweak to make the screen easier to view and navigate.

One of my favorite tweaks is very easy. Hold down the Ctrl key while rolling the mouse wheel forward, away from you. All text in browsers, word processors, PDF readers, and other document display apps gets bigger! Reverse the wheel’s motion and everything gets smaller. A page’s left and right edges will expand or contract accordingly. This trick gives you pretty fine control over text size, and text size can be different from one window to another.

If you don’t have a mouse with a wheel, you can do the same thing by pressing Ctrl and the “+” or “-” keys. I prefer this method, because I can quickly return to the default magnification setting by pressing Ctrl and “0” (zero).

But you will notice that parts of the screen do not change size. Menu bars and other fixed objects that surround text remain the same size. In some apps, the window that confines text will not change size and enlarged text overflows the edges of the window, getting lost from sight.

More Tweaking the Windows Display Settings

To avoid this problem, return to the Windows 10 “Change Display Settings” app. (For Windows 7, use the “Make text and other items larger or smaller” option described above.) In the “Scale and Layout” section you will find the option to “Change the size of text, apps, and other items.” The dropdown menu allows settings of 100% of the default (recommended), 125%,and 150%. Play with those, logging out and back in after each change.

Notice that as you enlarge things they may no longer fit on your screen entirely. The bottom of the display settings page drops down out of sight beneath the edge of the screen. You will need to PgDn to see what you are missing, which may include important options for the app you are using.

The menu bars and text on them still remain at their tiny default sizes. In early versions of Windows 10, there was an “advanced sizing of text and other items” option that allowed you to change the size of the menu bars, text in title bars, icons and other fine tunings. That option was removed in the April 2017 Creators Update. I’ve read that if you start your computer in Safe Mode this option becomes available, and any changes you make will still be in effect when you exit Safe Mode. I’ve not tried that, so I can’t verify that it works.

The brightness and “night light” options on the display settings page change the hue of light, mostly by adding or removing some of the blue spectrum. A warmer, less-blue hue is often easier on the eyes and can help prepare your body for sleep, so try the “night light” toggle switch. Click on “Night light settings” to see how finely you can control the warmth of light.

Back up under “Scale and Layout” you see “Advanced scaling settings”. Toggle on the switch that promises to “Fix scaling for apps”. It can make text look less blurry when it’s enlarged or shrunk. Custom scaling percentages can also be set on this page; they will be indicated back on the main page when they are in effect. Don’t neglect to click on the “Apply” button at the very bottom of this page or your custom settings will not take effect.

The resolution of your display should be left at its recommended maximum. If it’s changed, there will be fewer pixels available and everything will look less sharp, blurry. The advantage of using a coarser resolution is that those tiny border items will look bigger, but blurrier. Leave “orientation” alone unless you switch to a monitor that is taller than it is wide.

The multiple displays section is mainly for gamers who keep a general-purpose monitor and a high-performance graphics monitor. You can control the settings of both types, and even specify an app to be used to test graphics settings.

I want to mention one more option that can help if you are visually impaired. The Magnifier (on Windows 7/8/10) can make any part of the screen larger. Press and hold the Start key and the plus (+) sign to activate the Magnifier. Move the mouse to the portion of the screen you want to magnify. You can adjust the magnification level if desired.

These are the basics of Windows display settings. Things get more complicated when you begin using display settings built into apps such as Chrome, in addition to the Windows settings. I recommend avoiding that. Do the best you can using Windows display settings alone.

Have a great week

Zi Staff

SL Photography Tricks and Tips, AnyPose, LeLutka Axis & Windlight List

Sept 17th! Building Class @ ZoHa Islands Sandbox – hosted by DanelleDee and BlueVioletVixen Lorefield

DanelleDee Art By DanelleDee Presents:

Making A Scrying Bowl


Halloween is coming up, and spirits from the great beyond are attempting to communicate with us!  Here’s how you can learn how to make a beautiful scrying bowl with animated water, and when touched, gives random words of wisdom from the great beyond!


We will be meeting in Zamargad…

There will be a TPer with instructions here, as we will be taking a field trip to the exclusive ZoHa Islands Sandbox…

You will need to IM ℳαʝɨҟᐺɨӽڠɳ (bluevioletvixen.lorefield) to get a ZoHa Islands Sandbox group tag for entry

Once you are wearing your ZoHa Islands Sandbox tag, then you can walk into the TPer (remember to accept “Lochme” experiences), and you will be teleported to the classroom at ZoHa Islands

When you are done building, you may walk into the TPer to go back to Zamargad and explore our sim!

Monday, September 17th:

1st class is at 11AM SLT

2nd class is at 5PM SLT

DanelleDee is an artist with graphic design schooling.  She has formal training in both print and web design.  DanelleDee has been interested in the building menu and how things work in Second Life since she first joined in November 2014.  She is able to make complex builds with the Second Life building menu, and some simple things in Blender.

When she’s not teaching, she’s taking classes from other great teachers and working on her own builds.  She has been playing video games since the Atari and the Apple II.  She grew up with all the classics, and Second Life is the next interactive platform to master.

DanelleDee has been a Second Life building teacher since November 2015.  She teaches classes at every level.  You never know what you’ll learn in her classes.

Some of the classes she has taught in the past are framing pictures, clothing attachment points, flapping prim wings, tree hideaways, and blinking caution signs.

To Visit Zamargad’s website with upcoming classes and information click here!

Week 1 Fall Showcase: Your Worst Nightmare is looking for Live Characters for Upcoming Haunt!

With Halloween seemingly just around the corner its time to get prepping for all your Halloween Haunts and Fun.

Image result for Fall

Over the next month and a half every other week I will be bringing you exciting new places that will be popping up on the grid and also fun places to visit with your friends and families.

This weeks Feature is an Interactive 4th annual Live Character Halloween Haunt – “Your Worst Nightmare” brought to us by Merge for October 2018.

They are currently in search of participants who would be interested in playing live characters of all ages for the event schedules (See below for info) !

Here’s a little teaser of what you may encounter while you sleep.


If anyone is interested in playing a Live character in this haunt please IM Kacey Delicioso and Ry Heslop in world for an application form.  They are looking for Adult and Child avatars for this one.

There’s nowhere to hide inside a bad dream

Here’s last year’s theme, every year since its start this event has been proving to be a larger and larger event – can’t wait to see what scares Ry and Kacey have in store for us this year:

The Forest Live Interactive Haunt


ZoHa Islands Tier Terminal Instructions/Menus 101

Hello ZoHa Islands –

While some of you are quite familiar with our tier terminals and system, we still do get questions on how it operates and the functions it provides. So here is a detailed manual on the many functions and operating the terminals to make the most out of the tools we at ZoHa Islands provide our residents. Help us help you!

Upon purchase of any of our land you are given a Welcome Package with a ZoHa Islands Tier Meter inside the folder along with some other useful information, Notecards and Landmarks.

Below is a picture of exactly how these tier meters work – they can help you plan when your tiers need to be paid, and in turn help with the workload of sending overdue notices from our staff.  If there is an instance where you are going to be late – please contact us via support ticket so we can note your account (Please note approvals on late payments are done on a case by case basis and depend on your payment history with ZI).  We also offer a daily pay option for those times when L’s may be a bit tight or you are going away a few days RL.

If by chance you need a new one – they can be picked up next to the tier terminals located in our sales office.  The boards are 1 prim so can easily be rezzed and hidden in an discrete place on your land.

ZI Tier Blog Pic 8

Here is a step by step instruction on how the tier terminals function and the wide array of options they do provide. They can be found in our sales office.

Select Your Language from the first menu:

In the Next Menu you can Select to receive a Notecard with a Link to Available Parcels, Visit our Website, See your Payment History or Make a Tier Payment – Please select the option that best suits your needs.

In the Third menu -you can select the payment amount of your choice – Daily – Weekly Monthly and/or PayPal – Even set up recurring payments – so you don’t ever have to visit the terminal again 🙂 Tiers can be paid via Paypal even if you don’t have an account using your debit/credit card.

To complete the transaction using Lindens – Right click the terminal at this point and pay the appropriate amount – your account will be automatically credited.

If you choose to pay with PayPal – you will be directed to click on a Link to take you to the PayPal Payments page -(picture below)

You can pay with a one time payment via PayPal or a Automated Subscription.

PayPal payments are manually processed once/twice per day by ZoHa Islands Owner.
Because of that it is possible that the tier terminal is not up to date when you check your remaining tier.

How to cancel your PayPal subscription when needed?
1. Log into your PayPal account on
2. Click on the settings gear (upper right corner)
3. Click on the Payments Tab
4. Look for your Preapproved Payments – Find the ZoHa Islands Payment Agreement
5. Click the CANCEL button.

ZI Tier Blog Pic 7