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Major TV Network Series Seeks Second Life Romance Stories

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Are you chatting or flirting with someone in Second Life that you haven’t yet met in person? 

Here’s your chance to share the story of your romance or intimate relationship to a national audience as part of an all-new show in development for a major U.S. network!

An established NYC-based production company is now casting Second Life community members for an all-new unscripted series that will follow people who have met online and are ideally in a romantic relationship, but have never actually met in person. As part of the show, you’ll have a chance to meet in person for the very first time! 

Want to share your story? To be considered, contact the producers via email at Please do not include any unsolicited personal or sensitive information in your email. Must be 18 years or older and a U.S. citizen to be considered for participation.

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Get Featured on Second Life TikTok and Instagram!


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In an effort to showcase more amazing content from our Second Life Residents, we’re looking for fun and upbeat videos to share on our TikTok and Instagram accounts. 

For a chance to be featured, upload your videos on the following forms for the platform(s) you’d like to be featured on:


What kind of videos are you looking for? 
We’re looking for short video content filmed in Second Life. Details on file sizes, types, and lengths are listed in the forms for each specific network.

What will you do with my videos and how will they be used?
We may share them on the specific network you signed up for. We may also share them on other Second Life social channels and use them for promoting your work in Second Life. Please make sure to read and agree to the rules at the bottom of the forms when submitting.

What kind of content can I share in the video? Can I talk about my brand?
You can share any Second Life related content, including and not limited to: fun dance videos, what you create in Second Life, what you do in Second Life, promote your brand, your event, your destination, your blog, or any other Second Life related content. This is your chance to show off and shine, but please remember to read the rules at the bottom of the form.

Can you give some examples of videos?
To showcase your brand or event you may want to do an informative video like this Book Club video by Draxtor. Or you can showcase the fun side of Second Life with a dance video like this one from Strawberry. We’re looking for creativity and enthusiasm and we want to feature you and your content!

What if I don’t make videos? How else can I get featured?
We have a few other Feature Programs currently running that you can try for:

Please remember when submitting content to be featured in any of our programs, you are not guaranteed exposure and are subject to the terms and conditions listed on each program’s page.

If you have more questions about any of our Feature Programs, please send them to Strawberry Linden at

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If you are looking to Update ahead of the curve.

Update on Windows 11 minimum system requirements

Yep it’s that time again Just when we all thought Windows 10 was the last version of Windows we would ever have to get. Well guess what? After testing this version I think its going to be better and easier to maneuver. So check it out set to release Beta this month. Remember and updated computer helps run your Second Life Better.

Today we’re releasing our first Insider build for Windows 11, and we’re looking forward to the insight that comes from you installing and using on a variety of your PCs. Last week’s introduction of Windows 11 signaled the first step on our journey to empower people with the next generation of Windows. With a new generation comes an opportunity to adapt software and hardware to keep pace with people’s computing needs today and in the future.

The intention of today’s post is to acknowledge and clarify the confusion caused by our PC Health Check tool, share more details as to why we updated the system requirements for Windows 11 and set the path for how we will learn and adjust. Below you will find changes we are making based on that feedback, including ensuring we have the ability for Windows Insiders to install Windows 11 on 7th generation processors to give us more data about performance and security, updating our PC Health check app to provide more clarity, and committing to more technical detail on the principles behind our decisions. With Windows 11, we are focused on increasing security, improving reliability, and ensuring compatibility. This is what drives our decisions.

Why new Windows 11 minimum system requirements

Windows 11 is designed and built as a complete set of experiences, unlocking the full power of the PC our customers have come to rely on, including in areas like security, reliability, compatibility, video conferencing, multitasking, playing, creating, building, learning and more. We need a minimum system requirement that enables us to adapt software and hardware to keep pace with people’s expectations, needs and harness the true value and power of the PC to deliver the best experiences, now and in the future. To do that, we were guided by the following principles:

  1. Security. Windows 11 raises the bar for security by requiring hardware that can enable protections like Windows Hello, Device Encryption, virtualization-based security (VBS), hypervisor-protected code integrity (HVCI) and Secure Boot. The combination of these features has been shown to reduce malware by 60% on tested devices. To meet the principle, all Windows 11 supported CPUs have an embedded TPM, support secure boot, and support VBS and specific VBS capabilities.
  2. Reliability. Devices upgraded to Windows 11 will be in a supported and reliable state. By choosing CPUs that have adopted the new Windows Driver model and are supported by our OEM and silicon partners who are achieving a 99.8% crash free experience.
  3. Compatibility. Windows 11 is designed to be compatible with the apps you use. It has the fundamentals of >1GHz, 2-core processors, 4GB memory, and 64GB of storage, aligning with our minimum system requirements for Office and Microsoft Teams.

Using the principles above, we are confident that devices running on Intel 8th generation processors and AMD Zen 2 as well as Qualcomm 7 and 8 Series will meet our principles around security and reliability and minimum system requirements for Windows 11. As we release to Windows Insiders and partner with our OEMs, we will test to identify devices running on Intel 7th generation and AMD Zen 1 that may meet our principles. We’re committed to sharing updates with you on the results of our testing over time, as well as sharing additional technical blogs.

PC Health Check App

With these minimum system requirements in mind, the PC Health Check app was intended to help people check if their current Windows 10 PC could upgrade to Windows 11. Based on the feedback so far, we acknowledge that it was not fully prepared to share the level of detail or accuracy you expected from us on why a Windows 10 PC doesn’t meet upgrade requirements. We are temporarily removing the app so that our teams can address the feedback. We will get it back online in preparation for general availability this fall. In the meantime, you can visit our minimum system requirements page here to learn more.

First build of Windows 11 available to Windows Insiders today

Today, we’re releasing the first preview build of Windows 11 to the Windows Insider community. In support of the Windows 11 system requirements, we’ve set the bar for previewing in our Windows Insider Program to match the minimum system requirements for Windows 11, with the exception for TPM 2.0 and CPU family/model. By providing preview builds to the diverse systems in our Windows Insider Program, we will learn how Windows 11 performs across CPU models more comprehensively, informing any adjustments we should make to our minimum system requirements in the future. We look forward to the product feedback and learning as it’s an important step to prepare Windows 11 for general availability this year – thank you to the Windows Insider community for your excitement and feedback thus far!

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Catch Up With All Of The Meet The Lindens Episodes At SL18B

Catch Up With All Of The Meet The Lindens Episodes At SL18B

For anyone that has missed any of the SL18B Meet the Lindens series episodes then here are all the catch up videos in full to watch again. The 2021 Meet the Lindens sessions at SL18B have been pretty popular this year and have all gone really smoothly without any major technical issues. Saffia Widdershins and Strawberry Linden along with the rest of the team have done a great job this week interviewing many well known Lindens/Moles.

Featuring Oberwolf Linden, Patch Linden, Grumpity Linden, Brett Linden and the Moles. I would imagine everyone will be back next year at SL19B scheduled for mid June 2022. The SL20B celebrations in 2023 will be huge as that would be a big important milestone.

All these episodes featured below are at least one hour to two hours long. Find out about the roadmap for Second Life, the next Linden Home theme, the passing of Ebbe Altberg, latest updates on the SL Mobile development and much more.

Live events at SL18B will end on Sunday 27th June however the SL18B regions will remain open until Tuesday 6th July 2021. There is plenty of time to explore the birthday regions and exhibits during it’s quieter days ahead.

Monday 21st June 2021 – Lab Gab SL18B Special / Linden Lab Leadership Team with Oberwolf Linden with Brett Linden, Grumpity Linden and Patch Linden

+ The Second Life Book Club with Draxtor Special at SL18B with Philip Rosedale & Tom Boellstorff

Tuesday 22nd June 2021 – Patch Linden – VP of Product Operations

Wednesday 23rd June 2021 – Grumpity Linden – VP of Product

Thursday 24th June 2021 – Brett Linden – VP of Marketing

Friday 25th June 2021 – The Moles – Linden Department of Public Works (LDPW)

Please spread the word about all of the SL18B talk sessions. Well done to everyone that made SL18B a huge success. Yay.

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Katiaportugal Genesis Performs Live in Second Life While Streaming

Singer Performs Live in Second Life While Streaming Her Real Life Performance on YouTube & Facebook

I’ve caught countless live music performances streamed into Second Life over the years, but performer Katica Pajic (Katiaportugal.genesis in SL) has a fresh new twist that I haven’t seen before: While performing in SL, she also streams her computer display/webcam feed on Facebook and YouTube. That way, you not only get to watch the virtual show, but can also watch Katia singing (and chatting with her audience) in real life.

She started doing shows like this in April 2020, during the height of the pandemic, and after a brief pause, began doing so again, often performing twice in one night.

The inspiration, she tells me, is “to show people how it looks from the performer’s side and who are they behind their mic.” And also, that “I am not just an SL name… I am a person.”

I love this extra level of engagement, and it’s also a smart way for performers to build their brand. Anyway, Katia’s next show is set for tomorrow at Noon and 2pm SLT — follow her Facebook and/or her YouTube channel to watch!

KatiaPortugal SL YouTube Facebook stream

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Second Life Destinations: Titmouse Animation

This week Drax interviews Chris Prynoski, who runs Titmouse Animation with his wife Shannon. Don’t miss the exclusive five-second shorts screening only in SL!

The screening region, which was custom built for the Smash Party event last year, has a very authentic urban grunge vibe. Matter of fact, the SL location represents an authentic replica of the Titmouse studios in Hollywood, California, right down to the porta potties. Surrounded by concrete buildings, the open outdoor space has everything from a cage to smash things with a hammer, an area to grab a beer, and plenty of seating to hang with your friends or meet new people. There are hidden Easter eggs to explore as well, like the lonely animator, who is working away day and night while his colleagues party.

Chris tells us that the tradition of screening five-second clips started 13 years ago. Traditionally screened at a live event in the physical world, previous events have taken place in cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Vancouver. This year, due to the physical constraints of COVID, the screening moves exclusively to Second Life through May 24.

Chris says this is an opportunity to let every animator do what they want, so be prepared for a wide range of styles as well as content ranging from wholesome to slightly crude, but always hilarious.

Hopefully we have many more inworld Titmouse events to look forward to. Last year’s premiere of the show “The Shivering Truth” brought thousands of Residents to the event. These collaborations illustrate the many possibilities within SL and make it so wonderfully hard to describe. Visit this quirky virtual cinema today!

Video Production Credits:
Draxtor Despres


Titmouse Animation Screening Event

Visit the official event space for independent animation studio Titmouse (creator of “Big Mouth,” “Star Trek: Lower Decks,” and many more popular shows). Watch an exclusive showing of the “5 Second Day” animations in a virtual cinema and take out your frustrations in the smash cage. Don’t forget to grab your free swag, too!

Visit in Second Life
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