Feed a Smile – Millions of Lindens Raised to Support Kenyan Charity

Second Life has long been a place for fundraising for charities of all kinds. From dances and events to auctions and shops, where there is commerce, there is fundraising.

The charity big on the radar this month is Feed a Smile, much due to the efforts of Madpea’s International Food Fair which is attempting to raise a whopping 9,879,000Ls ( or 37,000 USD) in order to build a kitchen in Nakuru, Kenya.

Don’t be thrown off by the big price tag. The Feed a Smile organization asks only for a donation of 100L – which can feed a child!

This short video demonstrates exactly where donations to this charity go. Directly, and immediately to this community. Why is it important? Why here? The video describes some of the dangerous circumstances that children in Kenya are managing each day. The most impact we can make is through creating access to food – while buying food in Second Life!

The Madpea International Food Fair goes on until March 4th and features some amazing designers. 50% of proceeds go to Feed a Smile. Check it out while its still open!

Feed a Smile is not new to Second Life. The Feed a Smile sim has been open since 2012. Madpea has had other fundraisers of the sort, including a ‘Celebrity Auction’ in 2014 covered on a Draxfiles World Makers episode.

Second Life is truly a connecting force, bringing us together as a human race to make a difference for those who need it, no matter how much or little we can give or where we live.

So what are you waiting for? Stop by the Feed a Smile sim and learn how you can get involved to help see this kitchen come to life!

Delilah Greyson (amoralie.triellis)
ZoHa Islands Blogger

Sinister Slaughters by Madpea Games – January 2017 Spotlight

If you’re looking for something fun to do in Second Life, look no further than MadPea Production’s newest game, Sinister Slaughters.

MadPea creates immersive experiences, puzzle games, mysteries, and hunts grid wide.Their newest release which opened on January 28th, 2017, boasts a whopping six hours of game play, and encourages you to bring along your friends and family to play along.

What’s the game about?

Via MadPea’s website – Five families across the country, all brutally slaughtered at the same time. Anyone, anywhere could be next. You’re the only one who can solve the mystery, using your psychic visions. To catch the killer, you’ll have to descend into madness in your mind’s eye. Are you brave enough to relive the horrors and stop these terrible crimes?

Is it scary?

MadPea’s has rated this game moderate for shocking surprises and blood. (I’m not much of a horror fan, but MadPea’s games have never been too scary for me.)

How much is it to play?

A HUD to gain access and play the game will cost you only 1,000 L$ – which equals less than $1 USD/hour of game play! I’d call that a bargain!

How long is it open? 

The closing date is TBD, but it should be open for a few months. Get in while you can! And before another game is released…

MadPea releases several new games per year, and keeps track of your achievements on their leader board. The higher your level, the more prizes you’ll win! There are opportunities each month through games, ‘expeaditions’, and other hunts to earn points toward your achievement score.

Where do I play?

Go play Sinister Slaughters HERE, and make sure to join the MadPea group in world to get game hints and learn about upcoming experiences.

Have fun! And be careful…

Delilah Greyson (amoralie.triellis)
ZoHa Islands Blogger

LoveFest 2016- Raw Talent With A Side of Cthulhu

I cannot stress enough how much I’m in love with the incredible setup/design of the LoveFest 2016 event. As soon as you enter, you’re taken away to a hauntingly beautiful New England coastal town that’s filled with plenty to explore. Good luck getting in, because there were several instances in the past 24 hours where I found it packed to the brim.

There’s ample shopping with all of the merchants showcasing an event exclusive, so if you’re into the H.P. Lovecraft-era of horror and fashion, this is absolutely the event for you.

There’s a sanatorium, entertainment aboard a stunning 1920’s cruise ship and a really shady graveyard you may or may not want to explore.

The level of detail that went into the entire environment is an incredible treat. Just be forewarned: you will need and want plenty of time to be able to properly explore the entire sim, as there’s extensive shops, gachas and gems tucked away in this picturesque town that are worth the extra investigation.

I am always appreciative of being able to enjoy a glimpse of the creative processes of others, and this event was certainly no exception. Visually stunning and catering to my shopping addiction (plus an incredibly unique theme that I would love to see more of), you’ll want to make sure to take time to visit the LoveFest for yourself.

It’s open until August 21st. Make sure to check it out HERE.

You can also read up on the event on their official blog HERE.

Bria Oceanside

ZoHa Blogger/Social Media

Don’t Miss Our St Patrick’s Celebration TODAY!

Snapshot_600We are having a St. Patrick’s Day bonanza today that you will not want to miss! There will be live entertainment, plenty of fun to have and a special opportunity to meet some of the wonderful Linden family! Click HERE to come join us!

Here’s the schedule for the live DJ’s that will be gracing the stage:

12-2 PM -Riifmaker Xue
2-4 PM -TBA
4-6 PM -TBA
6-8 PM -Ry Heslop

There’s also about 40 shamrocks that can be found to win L’s hidden all throughout the sim. Not only can you come dance and play your heart away, but you also have a chance to win! The party starts HERE!

Also, make sure to check out the awesome 2016 St Patricks Town that’s also featured in the Destination Guide and situated directly next door- it’s like a two for one special! You can’t go wrong! Click HERE for details!

See you soon, and I’ll be out and about snapping pictures of our partygoers. Show me your green!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Bria Oceanside
ZoHa Blogger/Social Media

PaleoQuest: Second Life’s Dinosaur Adventure!

As most of you know, I’m a huge MadPea fan. But recently I’ve discovered a Linden Lab created game that was just opened called PaleoQuest. It’s a skill game (along the same lines as MadPea but certainly not to their level). I started it tonight and couldn’t make it through the First Quest; I kept getting killed. It’s getting late so I will try again another day. However it’s fun and interesting, and I need to figure out how to avoid the traps. Meanwhile, I encourage you to try it out for yourself. I strongly recommend you use the game settings they suggest — it makes a difference. And of course, the game takes advantage of the Experience Keys — one click to allow the HUD and game to control your avatar and no more clicking.

The Story behind PaleoQuest

Here’s the notecard that is given about PaleoQuest:

PaleoQuest Game Play:

Welcome to PaleoQuest. This is a fully interactive game, where you can take part in adventurous quests, collect various common and rare objects to help Magellan close the time anomalies, avoid perils, dinosaurs, and foil Dr Talpa’s evil plans to take over the grid! Receive prizes and L$ rewards for your bravery!

Game settings:

Please use the regions Windlight settings (Select World > Sun > Use Region Settings).
The game is best viewed at maximum draw distance. (Select Me > Preferences > Graphics > Draw Distance > Set to 512).
Please turn your animation override OFF.
Standard sized avatars are recommended.

Game play:

Welcome to PaleoQuest. This is a fully interactive game, where you can take part in various quests, and earn L$ or prize rewards.


When you first land in PaleoQuest, a HUD will automatically attach to you. The HUD shows you:

– Current game information and clues.
– How many common and rare collectible objects you have collected.
– Which Artifact quests you have completed.
– Hands out a help notecard.
– Has a mute button, in case you wish to mute the audio clues that the HUD plays.

Visitor Center:

The first building you enter is the Visitor Center.
Here you will find:

– Game information.
– A tutorial video to play.
– A background story video.
– Paying out stations.

Paying Out Stations:

– The Paying Out Stations are located in the left and right wings of the Visitor Center, and are clearly sign posted.
– Here you can REDEEM your Collectible objects (FOR L$) and completed Artifact quests (FOR L$ OR A RANDOM PRIZE).
– Prizes are given out randomly from the Prize Payout Station, and are tradeable.
– Please rez your prizes on a sandbox, or on your own land.


– Stairs to the monorail are located at the sides of the entrance to the visitor Center.
– Follow the signs to the monorail start platform.
– Ride the monorail to take a tour of all the regions.
– At each monorail stop, there are quests to play.
– Touch the quest information signs to find out what the quest for that region is.
– If the Monorail is not working, please use the Teleport Pads to go from stop to stop.

Daily Collectible Quests:

– Once you leave the start region, each region has a series of common and rare objects to collect.
– Blue = common; Pink = rare.
– Rare objects are located in the most dangerous places.
– You can carry a maximum of 99 common and rare objects.
– When you are carrying the maximum amount of objects, you need to return to the Visitor Center to hand them in for L$ rewards.
– Stand on the “Collectible Payout Stations” to automatically get a payout for your objects.
– You cannot hand in FEWER than 20 common or rare objects.
– You can hand in a maximum of 200 common blue objects, and 100 rare pink objects, per day.

Weekly Artifact Quests:

– There are 5 regions where you can take part in Artifact Quests, and collect artifacts.
– Depart from each Monorail stop, and click on the quest sign to find out what you have to do for each quest.
– If you find a key object to complete a quest, and it attaches to you, DO NOT DETACH IT UNTIL YOU COMPLETE THE QUEST.
– Once you have completed the first quest, the icon lights up on your HUD.
– Each Artifact Quest needs to be completed in consecutive order. Completing the first quest gains you access to the second quest, and so on…
– Once all 5 artifact quests have been completed, and all icons are lit up on your HUD, you may return to the Visitor Center, and can then choose a L$ reward, or a random prize, by standing on the relevant platform.
– You can complete the Artifact Quests (must be in consecutive order) once a week.


– When you die, you get teleported to the nearest resurrection circle.
– You lose everything you have collected.
– You do not lose any artifact quest progress.


The following scenarios will result in players being moved to a Resurrection circle:
– Flying.
– Moving faster than the standard Second Life run speed.
– Being idle for over 9 minutes.

Tip and tricks:

– PaleoQuest is a game involving skill.
– Take your time, observe your timing, walk, jump, run, look around carefully, and listen.
– Remember to always watch your step.
– Always read the text messages on your HUD.
– There are also audio messages, and signs to touch for more information.
– If your audio message repeats, click on the mute button on your HUD, and then unclick it.
– Sometimes it is better to complete the quests, and then collect the collectibles afterwards.

To get started, please watch the videos, and then make your way to the Monorail start platform. Stairs to the monorail start platform are located behind you, and are clearly signposted. Your adventure awaits!

Here are some photos I took:

Entering the area

Entering the area

The portal to enter the game.

The portal to enter the game.

Entering the Visitor Center

Entering the Visitor Center

The Monorail that takes you to the quests.

The Monorail that takes you to the quests.

Make sure you get on the Monorail at the Start Gate.

Make sure you get on the Monorail at the Start Gate.

The Monorail and surrounding views.

The Monorail and surrounding views.

Dino Falls

Dino Falls

Here’s the SLURL to the Portal Park. Find the PaleoQuest entrance, and off you go!

Click here: Portal Park — PaleoQuest


I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZoHa Islands Blogger/Social Media

SL12B Is in Full Swing!

The Second Life 12th anniversary celebration (known as the SL12B) is in full swing! It opened June 21st and runs through the 28th. Its amazing to think that SL has been in existence for 12 years!

The website for the SL12B celebration can be found by clicking here: SL Community Celebration

Here is a video of an interview with engineer Oz Linden, conducted by Firestorm’s Jessica Lyon and Prim Perfect’s Saffia Widdershins.

Check the SL12B website for landmarks to the multi-sim event. Lag and crowds can be a problem, so try going at off-peak times, such as late at night or early in the morning. I recommend the pod tour; that gives you a great overview of all the amazing creations at this wonderful celebration.

I remain respectfully yours,
~ Suzanne Piers, ZI Blogger and Social Media