ZoHa Islands – Businesses

A relaxing beach club, Shopping park, rentals, Garden, wedding venue
Vita`s Boudoir,Vitabela Dubrovna, Precious Restless, Couture, Cabaret, Burlesque, Baroque, Mermaid, Fairy, Fantasy, Vampire, Goth, Holiday Clothing & Items, Hats, Shoes, Boots, Dresses, Freebie, Prefabs, Clubs, Venues
Ciera`s Gin & Juice
Live Music Venue, Best Artists, Live Performances, Music Genres, Tips Only
Bats Out Of Hats
Goth, advertising, breedables, dark, fairy, games, wonderland, Amaretto, KittyCatS, PlantPets, EVO, taboo
Verspera`s Designs
Animal Scenes, Landscaping Scenes, Landscaping, Globes with Scenery, Art Gallery, Wildlife Collection, Lamps, Tabletop Statues, outdoor Wildlife Collection scenery, Flowers, Holiday Items, Specials, Home decor, Custom Works, Fantasy
A Bit of This and That
Gacha, Yardsale, Resell, Arcade, FGC, Rares, Commons
Juniper Landing Mall
Children, Men, Woman, Clothing, Water Pictures, Zooby, Photography, dresses, pants, Tops, Skirts, Holiday Clothes
Krafties Island
Official Island of Krafties
fantasy pet, FREE MMORPG game
Besieged & Shuggles Stores
mpHUD Multi-purpose HUD system, scripts and tools for creators, full-perms sneaker models
Hostcrate is an 11 year old Shoutcast Stream & Web Hosting provider with affordable streams starting at just L$25 per week.
Lecosse Double Gachas
gachas, unique, cuteness, collectible, great for a special gift, affordable, random gacha machines 10-20L a pull
SRJ`s Dance Saloon Club
Club, Chill-out, Friendly, Music, House, Disco, beach, Waterfalls, Grass, Green, Relax. Live DJ
Rolling Thunder Ranch
BattleBeast Breedables Afffiliate Store. BattleBeast Breedables, Dragons, Kitsune, Eggs, Rental, DFS, Digital Farming System, Amaretto,Risk, Rummi, Ludo, CAH, Canasta, Greedy, Poker, Simopoly, Lifestyle, Skippee, Candyland, Ponies & Ladders
Q-Styles Main Store
Male & female Fashion, Skin & Shapes
Mishmash Fusion
A mishmash of things- Women`s, Men`s and Home Items
Blue Sky Krafties
Craft, krafties, souls, unbonded, temples, talismans, bonded stalls, loot
Dori Helstein Designs Gallery
low prim, unique styling
The Flying Pony
Maker of Textures for Teegle/pets, WaterHorse, And others, and some fine tattoos! Group Discounts are available.
Spargel & Shine Homes
At Spargel & Shine Homes we believe in quality, affordable original mesh homes and furnishings for all in Second Life, and pride ourselves on great customer service.
{Wren`s Nest}
one-of-a-kind CUSTOM shapes that will never be resold.
IM WrenNoir Cerise for all the info
bento head, shape, custom shape, CUSTOM WORK
Wet Spot Beach Club & Shopping Mall
Beach Dance Club, Haunted Reef Ride, Haunted Houses, Amusement Park, Art Gallery, Shopping Area and so much more.
music, voice, dj`s, bowling, games, dance, adult, nude, hiring, karaoke, club, sex, nightclub, party, hangout
DiXmiX Gallery
Art, Photography, Music, Events
Redrose Jewelry Shop
Quality Jewellery at Sensible Prices for Men & Women
Custom Work & Modification Available
Rise Of The Fallen Angels Club
CLUB, MALL, stores, RENTALS, jewelry
ReK Ohana - beYou clinic
beYou, Clinic, Office, sci-fi, sci fi, scifi, roleplay, rp, role play, doctor, lawyer, space station, cyber
B&A Farm
DFS, Motorcycles, Furniture, Decor
Treble Clef
Live music, performances, events, rock, jazz, pop, blues
Harlow`s Taphouse **New Location**
Women Only, Friendly, Dance, Ballroom, beach, Greedy, Music, Dancing, lesbian, Straight women
B-UniQ Stores & Oodles of Doodles Texture Store
womens clothes, mens clothes, pajamas, footwear. accessories, cute, kawaii, unique, uniq, shoes, boots, jammies, pjs, socks, slippers
69 Park Ave Formal Apparel
Mens & Womens Formal Attire, Wedding Gowns, Tuxedos
Forest of Zyn Shop and Event Center
Unique Fantasy Accessories, Clothing, Jewelry, Decor, Free Gifts, Hunts
KI Amusement Rides
roller coaster, coaster, rides, carnival, thrill, boardwalk, amusement park, theme park, ferris wheel, log flume
Chanty`S Creations
Scripted Art Work, RL Photography, Mind Touch Tunnel
Kat`s Clothing Boutique
Mesh, Clothing, Womens, Gifts, Store, Shop, Boutique, Loungewear, Vintage, Gowns, Formals, Casual
Majesty Oasis Temple
Meditation, Spiritual. Discussion, Chakra, Temple. Guidance, Learning, Evolvement Growth
PeaPods Maternity Clinic
Maternity Clinic, Mama Allpa and all HUD`s supported, Zooby and all other Babies supported, RL Roleplay, RL professional, High Risk, IVF/in vitro Roleplay, german, english, Pregnancy, HUD Scan, Delivery, Live Avatar Birth, Waterfall, NEW
! digiSTREAM SHOUTcast Streams
SHOUTcast, Icecast, STREAM Provider, AutoDJ
Willow Way Stores
Mixy`s Sound Studio
Music Venue, Open Stage, Open Mic, Party, DJ, EDM, House, Trance, Techno, Dance, Club
Flamingo Bay
Flamingo Bay is back, built on a large board walk. Music from the 50`s ,60`s,70`s & 80`s, From Motown, Soul, Northen Soul, Jazz, Rock. Dance the night away on our picturesque board-walks with sunset views.
Nylon Dreams Hosiery & Lingerie
Pantyhose, Tights, Stockings, Omega, Slink, Maitreya, Belleza, Halterlose, Socken, Strumpfwaren, Nylons, Leggins, Catsuit
Sweet`s Dancers Store
Dancer`s For Sale, I take Dancer Requests as well also dancers available on MP
Ahlure Main Store
Lingerie, fashion, clothing, bathing suits, bikinis, cover ups, body harness, corset, nylons, shoes, boots, quality, maitreya, belleza, slink.
Nitty Gritty
Now hiring DJ`s and hosts for a Southern Rock,Country,Classic Rock,Blues.
Cherrywood Falls Equestrian Retreat
- Relaxing and friendly Roleplay sim for pet horses and horse avatars
-Rental stalls for your horses
Something Sweet Cafe
@ Hangout. Bloodlines oriented = Well, Legends Level 3, Haunts, vendors
@ Grab some food, drink and dessert.
@ Music stream changes from time to time.
Styling for Men, Styling for Women, Mesh Beards, Tattoos, Makeups, Bento Shapes
Caribis Kalne-East (Black Rock)
Office/Store space available. Store : 50 Prim for $L50
Present businesses:
All in One Advertising
Caribis Kalne Savings and Loan
Caribis Kalne Realty.Apartments for rent
The Wolf`s Head Club
Univeral Church of Duality
Caribis Kalne Diabetes Awareness Center
Museum of Different Realms
Dream Magic`s & GypsyRose`s Creations
Fine Clothes, Jewelry, Wedding Dresses, Club, Silks, Fairy, Maitreya, Amaretto horse bundles, 3-D art designs, United Fantasy Merchants
TheEye Art Gallery
Art Gallery
Purple Dragon provides a fun, friendly and respectful English club. We are LGBT & FURRY FRIENDLY! We play all different kinds of music! & Ad-boards, HIRING!
Bambii Rose (sweetrosebud69) - owner
Dragon Nightwing (handsomemikey692014) - owner
Divine Delights Cannabis and Flowers
Plants that grow and give seeds. Share with friends or sell them. No food to buy or extras needed. One seed and you are on your way to a lovely garden.
The Pulse Beach
Auld Lang Syne/Isles of Scotland
Rural photography region. Rez rights available. Welcoming to all.
Dream Magic`2 & GypsyRose`s Creations
Aesthetic, Gianni, Maitreya, Little Me, Yabusaka.
Amazing, curious, unique, clothing for mesh bodies.
Come laugh at TShirts.
Textures. alphas we got them! We do CUSTOM WORK
Mirkwood Forest - Mirkwood Estate
Sa`Pasheen, Sa`Jesuil, Panther, Panthers, Mirkwood, Vikings, Torvaldsland, Torvie, Norse, Odin, Freya, Thor, Outlaw, Outlaws, Bondmaid, Bond, Thrall, Gor, Gorean, Slave, Slaves, Valkyrie, Pirates, Rape, Collar, Northern, Forest, Rentals, Kajira
Myst EDM Club
Myst EDM Club - Second Life`s premier electronic dance music club, playing the best EDM on the grid.
LaBis Event
Event for new creators in fashion
Sin Original
original Mesh, Mens clothing, womens clothing, shoes
The Magik Shop
Trees, Plants, Decks, Docks

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